Finding the right art for your home

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Finding the right art for your home

Picture of a wall of black and white contemporary art, how to find the best art for your home

When you are considering making changes to your home, you probably spend hours poring over interior styles, colour schemes, furniture, lighting, and soft furnishings. But there’s one crucial part to any scheme that’s often forgotten about… art. Art should be an integral part of your new decorative scheme and can transform a space and add that final important finishing touch.

Being an Art Finder and Curator is a hugely enjoyable part of completing a modern home interior design project. Whether original art, limited editions, photography, or budget prints, here’s my guide to choosing well.

5 tips for choosing art for your home

1. Start with a couple of rooms

Don’t try to run before you can walk. Pick a couple of rooms to get started with. Use these rooms to practice, and to understand your tastes and preferred styles. There are many styles, genres, and terms to navigate through, including pop art and contemporary art, figurative and abstract, painting or sculpture. Art is a great way to express your tastes and interests around your home, creating a luxe interior, modern contemporary and truly bespoke environment. But if you move too fast and later have a change of heart, it can be an expensive lesson.

Picture of bright screenprinted contemporary art, how to find the best art for your home

2. Create a strategy for each space

It’s a good idea to theme a space and not be too random with your choices. This creates cohesive spaces, that feel thought through and considered. Your choices could be based on art that coordinates with the decorative scheme, your interests, or a mood that the art creates in a room. But if you love eclecticism go ahead and create that gallery wall, just plan it carefully!


Three pictures of contemporary art, ho to find the best art for your home

3. Think about where to spend and where not to

Whatever your budget, there’s art out there for you, you just need to know where to find it. It wouldn’t be sensible to hang a pricey original piece of art in the damp loo down the corridor. Aim to spend the largest proportion of your budget on key pieces in key areas of your home. In general, original pieces of art (paintings, one-off prints, sculptures) tend to command the highest prices, with limited edition prints a price level down. If neither of these is in your budget, then there is plenty of print-to-order art available from as little as £10. There are exceptions to these rules with some well-known artists’ limited-edition prints fetching in the tens of thousands. Confusingly, sometimes you can buy two versions of the same image, such as an ‘estate print’, or alternatively an unlimited run print. The ‘estate print’ will be an official stamped and numbered piece printed to the highest standards, while the unlimited print will be run off for you when you order, without a number or stamp.


Gallery wall example of monotone art, art sourcing services

4. Buy local

It’s good to support local artists and galleries and this is a great place to start your art journey. Have a wander around galleries near you and research local artists, you’ll be surprised at the quality and quantity of artists nearby producing exceptional work. You’ll learn what you like and what you don’t like, and you’ll start to understand styles. Some local artists may also be cost-effective to commission bespoke work if you like their style but need something to fit your space or scheme.


Wall of colourful book style art

5. Framing transforms art

The temptation might be to pick up a cheap frame for your new piece of art. Frames are frames, right? Wrong! Frame an expensive piece of art in a cheap frame, and it won’t reflect its beauty and might even be damaging. In my experience framing is just as important as choosing the art itself. If you’ve invested in a piece that’s set you back hundreds or even thousands then it’s wise to display it at its best whilst also providing protection. Professional quality frames are bespoke and can be chosen to display the art at its best. Styles, profiles, colours, depths, mount type, and spacers are all important decisions to protect and display your art. There is also the choice of glass, with several types available from plain, to anti-reflective, to UV70, and museum glass. Finally, if you’ve purchased some cost-effective prints, then investing in proper framing can be the making of them.


Contemporary art in a dining room, advice on finding art for your home

Contemporary colourful art for the home

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Need help?

Of course, this might all sound overwhelming and tricky to navigate, which is where I can help find the right art for your contemporary interior design.

I’ll help you understand your likes and dislikes and advise what works in an existing interior scheme, or new scheme. I’ll create visuals of art options in your home, to ensure you are happy before you purchase. I have access to art industry contacts enabling me to provide a full-service approach from advising, sourcing, and procuring, to framing and professional picture hanging. My trade status unlocks access to trade-only discounts and try-in-the-home services. I can even arrange for a selection of art to be presented to you in your home.

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