Interior design for rental properties. It pays to know your audience.

Contemporary kitchen extension in dark grey. Modern kitchen with sleek light fitting. Home interior design ideas.

Interior design for rental properties. It pays to know your audience.

Interior design for ental properties - modern and contemporary kitchen extension in Bristol

If you’re a landlord or thinking of becoming one, you’ll do your research before you take the plunge on each property purchase. Location, future value, likely renovation costs, predicted returns etc. are all key factors in that decision.

You might also have a think about the potential tenants or eventual buyers of your property and the expectations for modern contemporary interior design. But how well do you know your potential tenant or buyer? I mean REALLY know them?

Know your market for a better ROI

For the best ROI, it’s sensible to complete robust research into your potential customers before you renovate a property to let or sell. The right tenant or buyer will happily pay a premium for a well-thought-through property and luxe home interior design, and it will be snapped up quickly. A poorly thought-through property might hang around and let or sell for less than expected.

Some areas to investigate

  • Will they be a family, a couple or a single occupier?
  • What about multiple occupants/students?
  • Why will they want to move here? Schools, nightlife or both?
  • Typically, what type of people live in the area?
  • Might they have children or animals?
  • Age? Career types? How might they use the space?
  • What facilities might they need/layout preferences?

That key research and insight will enable you to identify the persona(s) of your potential tenants or buyers and build a profile of their likely needs, tastes and budget. Then you can put your own tastes and needs firmly to one side and use the insight to drive all the decisions in your renovation.

Interior design for landlords - modern bathroom with terrazzo tiles and black tapsSee this project in full.

Here’s an example

With this property, my research informed every part of the journey. The architect’s brief, room layouts, internal fixtures and finishes, interior design decisions, bathroom design, kitchen design and layout, appliances, electrical positioning, lighting, daily on-site decisions, and the budget.

The insight also guided key decisions such as the size of the kitchen extension vs the size of the garden, as well as the decision to extend into the loft or not and how that space would be distributed. I also drew plans of where furniture was likely to be positioned, to help me understand the traffic flow around the rooms.

In the end, the actual tenants of the property couldn’t have been a better match for my profile.

Interior design for ental or sale - Dark painted staircase, modern inset fireplace with logs, black tap

Interior design Bristol - Modern sea green kitchen, sleek kitchen etension in Bristol

Rental property interiors - contemporary utility room with Amtico floor, modernist ceiling light, geometric tiled shower room

Contemporary, seamless bathroom with black brassware and terrazzo tiles

Some images by: C J Hole Bishopston.

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