The best premium Scandinavian interior design homeware brands

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The best premium Scandinavian interior design homeware brands

Scandi interiors - image of Scandi sideboard with plants, by Bristol Interior Designer

Beautiful Danish cabinet completing this modern hallway design

Love the modern, minimal and clean look of Scandinavian interior design? Want to create a light, calming, functional and cosy space? Here are some of the best Scandi interior brands you may or may not have heard of to add to your home interior design ideas. As an interior designer, I’m passionate about sharing my interest in modern, contemporary, Scandi and Nordic design style.

The history of Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design (mainly Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland) evolved in the 1930s as a take on Modernism that was emerging in other areas of the world at the time. Each country had its own take on the style. Like other art movements, Scandinavian design was born from a desire to move away from the past and look to the future.

The principles of the style were based on minimalism, practicality and affordability, like other modernist styles. The key difference was that Nordic designers concentrated on light and bright interiors, using more natural materials to create cosy spaces, reflecting the surroundings and creating a haven from the harsh winters and short days.

Scandinavian interior design style at a glance

  • A minimal, clean approach that combines functionality with beauty
  • Simple lines and light spaces, no clutter
  • Neutral colours, muted pastels, whites, also monochromatic (colours rooted in nature)
  • Organic, natural materials, reflecting the relationship to nature (wood, cotton, wool, stone, linen, and leather)
  • Softened spaces with rugs and soft furnishings
  • Functional but cosy spaces, a haven for short dark, cold, winter days
  • Calming mood, enabling a Hygge lifestyle

The design world has long since revelled in the minimalist principles of Scandinavian design. Our love of this style continues today with reproductions of past classics, in addition to the new designers and producers listed below, which are my personal favourite Scandinavian interior brands.

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Scandi interiors - image of Hay dk and Bolia furniture

Images: Hay (L), Bolia (R)



Bolia was founded in 2000 and focuses on what it calls “New Scandinavian Design”. Its range has grown over the years to include furnishings for every room, including living room, hallway, bedroom, workspace and even outdoors.

From sofas to chairs, side tables to cabinets, lamps to accessories, Bolia has an extensive range of beautifully designed items. Whilst Bolia is a Danish business, many of the company’s furniture and accessories are designed over the world.

All new collections are managed by the Bolia Creative Committee—a small team of representatives from all over Bolia. After a wish list has been created, design briefs are sent to Belia’s global network of designers.

Key pieces include the ‘Cosima’ modular sofa, ‘Luxe’ cabinets and sideboards (I own one of these), and ‘Plateau’ side tables.

House style

Clean lines, wood accents, muted natural tones.

Scandi interiors - website



HAY was established in Denmark, in 2002, by Mette and Rolf Hay as “a new kind of design company”. Hay’s philosophy is to provide good design to everyone, at a more accessible price than industry standards.

Hay’s in-house design team works with designers from all over the world, creating high-quality products that are part of our everyday lives. From a toothbrush to a paper bin to a sofa. No object is too common, no detail too minute.

Hay is not afraid of colour. You’ll find bright colours, alongside the calming neutrals associated with Scandi brands. They have even collaborated with the legendary George Sowden, normally associated with colourful post-modernist work.

Key pieces include the ‘About a Chair’ collection, the ‘Palissade’ outdoor collection, and post-modernist-inspired kitchen accessories by George Sowden.

House style

Generally Scandi minimalism, with some colourful post-modernist influences thrown in.

Scandi interiors - image of website



Founded in 1967 by Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen in Denmark, the brand originally focused on producing the family’s own furniture designs. The business is still run by the family, by Jacob Gubi, its current Creative director.

Gubi also recreates classic products from the Danish and international design history, bringing forgotten icons of the past together with tomorrow’s classics. Collaborating with both established designers and emerging talents.

You can see this in Gubi’s current product range. The Bauhaus-inspired Bestlite Collection, by Robert Dudley Best, has been in production since 1930. This, and other classic designs sit alongside more contemporary creations.

Key pieces include the classic and curvaceous ‘Pacha’ chair (Pierre Paulin, 1975), the mushroom-shaped ‘Obello’ table lamp, and the iconic ‘Gräshoppa’ Floor Lamp (Greta M. Grossman, 1947).

House style

An eclectic mix of design icons from the 20th century, mixed with new creations.


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